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Listen Ost. Personal Taste

Ost. Personal Taste

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  • 1. Like A Fool (like An Idiot) - 2am Have Like A Fool (like An Idiot) - 2am Lyric   Listen Like A Fool (like An Idiot) - 2am
  • 2. Making Love (creating Love) - 4minute Have Making Love (creating Love) - 4minute Lyric   Listen Making Love (creating Love) - 4minute
  • 3. You, My Wings - Kim Tae Woo Have You, My Wings - Kim Tae Woo Lyric   Listen You, My Wings - Kim Tae Woo
  • 4. Touch My Heart - Seeya Have Touch My Heart - Seeya Lyric   Listen Touch My Heart - Seeya
  • 5. Can't Believe It - Younha Have Can't Believe It - Younha Lyric   Listen Can't Believe It - Younha

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